Our adventures are a truly unique way to experience the beauty and heritage that lays in these coastal mountains and wild shores. Depending on your interests and the season, you might select a more physical adventure; hiking through ancestral forests on a tour of old growth and culturally-modified trees with a member of the Pacheedaht First Nation, exploring beaches, taking a kayak tour of the rivers and shorelines, or paddling a traditionally-crafted canoe with your group. All stays come with complimentary activities that vary through the week, here you can meet other guests or you may simply enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. 

We have something for everyone.

Regardless of the retreat you select, or build with us if you are with a larger group that would like an exclusive event, it will be grounded in cultural adventure, great food, and comfortable accommodations.

Stunning Scenic Nature – World Renowned Hiking at Port Renfrew

Gorgeous sandy beaches, fresh water swimming, & great wildlife viewing all await you, and more!

Some of Our Adventure Options


Botanical Beach Excursion

Botanical Beach and Botany Bay Excursion. With a knowledgeable guide from the Pacheedaht First Nation, visit these stunning beaches and learn about the rich shoreline an sea life that has nourished the nation for many generations. On the way, you will learn about the ancient trees and healing plants of these lands.


Old Growth Cultural Modified Tree Adventure

On this tour, a member of the Pacheedaht First Nation will stop off at several culturally modified trees, explaining the significance and the many uses of cedar in our culture.

Pacheedaht Guided Big Tree Tour

Spend time with two of the largest Douglas Firs on Mother Earth. Visit Canada's Gnarliest Tree, The Red Creek Fir and Big Lonely Doug - the largest Doug Fir on Earth measuring 4.3m Diameter, 9.8 circumference and 73.8m tall. All on Pacheedaht First Nation territory, and led by a nation member.

 č̓apac Adventure

During this tour you will paddle a traditional style dugout canoe down the Gordon River with your group, led by an experienced guide from the Pacheedaht First Nation. Learn about the history and function of these canoes and how they are hand dug. Come experience the wild spirit that lays in these waters and surrounding lands

Coastal Voyage and Sight Seeing Tour

During this guided boat tour along the local shoreline you will experience the biodiversity of this beautiful area, both in the water and on shore. Led by a guide from the Pacheedaht First Nation.


Kayak Tour

Paddle the sheltered waters of the San Juan and Gordon River or take a sea kayak into the outside waters of Port Renfrew, viewing wildlife and old growth from the water and beaches. Another world awaits! Of course, guided by a member of the Pacheedaht First Nation.

These adventures are a truly unique way to get the most from your visit to this world famous destination